Mulakan dengan~

Mulakan dengan~

Monday, August 15, 2011

Couple on Silhouette

Weddings take months to organize, and there are fittings and invitation lists and old aunts being coy about the honeymoon, and having to have somebody's perfectly hideous cousin for a bridesmaid. And then hundreds of appalling wedding presents. Everybody gets tense and miserable and there's lots of bursting into tears. The miracle is that anybody ever gets married at all, but I bet most girls have nervous breakdowns on their honeymoons.

Maybe honeymoons are God's anesthesia. Like the "laughing gas" used by dentists, perhaps honeymoons are designed to protect us from a bit of the pain and fear involved in doing something that, while scary and uncomfortable, is for our own good in the long run.

I would love to have my honeymoon at Bali, Indonesia,“The Island of the Gods”, an idyllic honeymoon destination for its romantic offerings of Romancing the isle with its endless beaches and the warm welcome from the Balinese people.

We dream to have it in traditional antique, wooden Javanese villa,

which is located in a large terraced garden,

with our own private plunge pool,

and the stunning 180 degree views of the ‘Indian Ocean where our time in paradise is truly unforgettable.

Early morning, we would love to start adds to the overall romance of riding camels along the sandy beach that will give us the feeling of being the king of Arabic in Bali without go to the sweltering desert!

One of the natural highlights of Bali is the great Unda River, Klungkung which will become our next spot. The view of background Klungkung with means of "beauty" or "happiness" and the pop effect will become a very nice set for us to capture our memoirs that we will never get at any places except here even in Malaysia.

As we get back to our villa, with sapphire sea and sky forming as backdrop, the gentle sounds of the ocean waves beneath us while relax on the beach in a hammock hung beneath sweet-scented jasmine, magnolia and frangipani trees and spend an afternoon watching the sky slowly change.

We would love to go for a walk on the beach to take in gorgeous landscapes of golden beaches. As we come to the edge of the beach, we will slid our running shoes off and decide to go bare foot. There will be no warm powdery sand, just the heavy feel of cold which feel great.

With the windy day, certainly there would be lots of waves splashing up against the rocks which would splashing near to us. We could feel the drips of water on our skin. It feel like a light misty rain falling from the sky.

With the sunlight reflecting like diamonds off the crystal-white sand, we will trace out the shape of a large love heart on the sand,

sit inside the heart and lay down to each other.

and watch the sun slows down goes to the earth stomach and sinks below horizon.

On an elegant night, we will follow a trail of red silk rose petals to the beach,

decorated with 150 additional rose petals, 10 LED flickering candles and strands of white pearls.

As we walk, we notice a lonesome bonfire and a large, comfy blanket. On the blanket lie a sparkling bottle, two glasses, a dozen roses, chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers.

We slow down to see that there are rose petals in the sand that spell, “I LOVE YOU”!

Plus, there will be a features of red heart shaped rose petals scatter along a tan and brown sandy beach.

As night falls, the sensual fragrances of night-blooming flowers usher us gently to share our love with the keeper of our heart.

I always dream to have post wedding portraiture on spontaneity of a moment and getting that perfect shot at the right split second of time with the help of daylight, soft and magic light, tree shades and nature surroundings which produce mesmerizing effects when shooting outdoor like all the pictures above.

But I do not have to worry at all  since I believe that Detik Indah Photography will go for extra miles to ensure that celebration of love will always be our best memories of all time and ultimately fulfilling our fairytale dream. I love their works which combines a modern sensibility, a mix of contemporary styles with a relaxed and natural approach which resulting images are fresh classics.

In other words, Detik Indah will give their best to shoot LOVE, FUN, TENDERNESS and BEAUTY on our memorable day. Plus, Detik Indah will also translate and interpret our exciting moments in designing and producing our documentary album beautifully.

With Detik Indah, I do not have to worry about being "pose-y" as we would most certainly feel at ease when Detik Indah behind the lens!

It is simply because, Detik Indah mission is to capture precious moment creatively and create a perfect visual memoirs  that can be cherish in our live without missing the romantic story behind it. This is what Detik Indah will give to us, “perfect moment, perfectly captured”..

 P/S: Mudah-mudahan entry sy ini diterima oleh team DIWP and if ada rezeki, could become one of the winners for the grand prize


INSYA-ALLAH (,")(",)