Mulakan dengan~

Mulakan dengan~

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Welcome reading to my entry (,")(",)

Lets join GA at here ;)

due date: 18th Oct 2010

Here is some suggestions to improve My Preloved Site ;)

1. Put an order form on top at your blog to make your life more easy ;)

2. Choose a template with several important tabs for customer to access your blog easily ;)

3. Put testimonials from your customers. This is important to know their feedback on your preloved items.
* U also can add another tab for Testimonial like Suggestion 2 ;)

4. List down the tracking numbers of your customers to make them easy trace their item
* U also can add another tab for Tracking No like Suggestion 2 ;)

5. Maybe you could make some promotions at your blog like disc 5% for follower or free postage to attract your customer buy more from your blog ;)

Thats all my entry
Hopefully I will be da lucky person ;)


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