Mulakan dengan~

Mulakan dengan~

Monday, August 16, 2010


Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak (,")(",)

Syasya Bag n Multi Pockets pouch
Pencil Case n Book cover + bOok

Nk hadiah mcm kat atas?
Jom join dis contest Ramadhan GA for more info ;)

(due date: 26th August 2010)

Comments on Collection Syasya Creative

SATISFIED - da products are guaranteed satisfied by customers since have many products to be pick-up. A lot choice of fabrics can be chosen by customers. Tidy & neat sewing. Last but not least, meet wif customer's taste ;)

among fabric dat can be selected (from swirly,circles,stripes,english style & plain pattern)

CREATIVE & INNOVATIVE - da owner has the capability to bring up her own ideas in making new products and latest designs. For example, her 1st trial in doing wallet from fabric which others have not try (like 2nd pict below) ;)

EXCLUSIVE - 100% handmade by Kak Azie solely and her products i believe cannot find at other places ;)

MARKETABLE - da products are being in demand by her lovely customers and i believe dat Kak Azie's products have da capability of being marketed until international level. InsyaAllah ;)

FASHIONABLE & STYLISH - her products are accordance wif current designs, very up-to-date, elegance & high taste in manners ;)

Among Kak Azie's products (tote bag, diaper bag, telekung bag, laptop sleeve, travelling bag, nursing cover & etc)

Special order requested by her customers (pooh downstring bag, book cover, passport holder, coins pouch, small cushion, tissue box cover, potpuri & tabble runner)

Hopefully nur bertuah to get dat prize


Syasya Creative said...

salam dik...adik masuk list akak..kalo leh nak kasi kt sume org ape kan daya..tak dan nak buat..=))

kot2 rezki adik..tunggu resultnye yer...thanx dik join..=))

ajak member join sama..=))

irwani said...

hehe tqvm ;)
insyaAllah if ade rezeki ;)

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